Job Title Company Name Experience Skills Salary Job Description
Mud Engineer Petromal Owned by National Holding – Sole Proprietorship LLC 5 Should be experienced n all MUD types 3000 - A minimum of 5 years’ experience (GCC is preferred) with all mud types required for COMPANY operations & be qualified to engineer and maintain the mud as per programs. - Mud engineer shall have basic and advanced Mud training school certifications from an international reputable mud company. - Mud Engineer shall have an IWCF valid certificate from a certified Well Control Institute. - Proficient in computer calculations: hydraulics/ hole cleaning calculations. - Shall be able troubleshoot various mud contaminants, interpret hole problems, torque and drag and propose recommendation to the COMPANY drilling supervisor. - Experienced in solid control equipment (shale shakers, solid removal equipment, centrifuges), shall be able to advise rig personnel on optimum utilization. - Shall be able to maintain and calibrate all Lab Equipment available at the rig site. - Good Communication skills. Show Details
Brine Filtration Operators Petromal Owned by National Holding – Sole Proprietorship LLC 3 Brine Filtration 1000 Capable of maintaining Equipment, pods, pumps, etc. - Conversant and Computer literate with all Microsoft Office programs word/excel. - Conversant in English. - Operate Equipment as per procedures and HSE requirements. - Ensure that the fluids filtrated as per ADNOC ONSHORE requirement. - Takes samples for quality control checks. - Available 24 hours a day every day of the year. Show Details